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Teti Traffic, formed by Efkon SA, IBI and Lehumo has won a five-year contract to install and operate an intelligent transportation system (ITS) on freeways in South Africa. The contract was awarded by the South African National Road Agency (SANRAL).

The ITS, introduced on freeways, will be used to manage traffic, and to provide road users with information about traffic conditions on a real-time basis, for reduced delays and improved safety on freeways.

Cameras and traffic sensors will be used to observe traffic conditions and identify any potentially dangerous road situations that may occur, including the use of traveller information dissemination technologies, such as variable message signs, SMS messages, e-mail messages and a website.

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Consortium Wins South African Smart Transportation System Deal - February 2011
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At SANRAL we endeavour to enhance your travel experience and improve and maintain the national road network for the social development and economic growth of South Africa.
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